Rapist attacks women just hours before his own wedding

By Jasmine Lee Kennedy

A convicted rapist attacked his latest victim just hours before he was due to be married.

Derry McCann, 28, of St Peters Way, Hackney, ambushed the 24-year-old woman near Victoria Park just before midnight on Thursday January 12, after she had been out visiting an art show with friends.

He ensnared her at one of the entrances of the park, and assaulted the women for 2 hours, including taking photos of her on her own phone and ‘taunting’ her.

The next day he tied the knot with his pregnant fiancé, Kerry Hogg.

In December 2006, when McCann was only 17, he was given a near-life sentence for two counts of rape, and one count of robbery, after he had raped, beaten and taunted the woman, which Judge Burn said was “amounting to torture”.

He was then released early in 2015 after appeal.

This was despite warnings from detective Lee Davison who described him as a “vicious predator and an extreme danger to women”, and from Judge Lindsay Burn who had cautioned that there was a “very substantial risk” of him attacking again.

Conservative MP, Philip Davies, has requested a public inquiry in to why McCann was released and able to attack again in the face of these warnings:

“It’s absolutely disgusting. It’s extremely worrying to hear that somebody who commits an offence such as this, who the judge says is dangerous, is allowed back onto the streets.”

McCann has pleaded guilty to raping the woman in a “sustained and systematic attack”, and sentencing will take place at Snaresbrook Crown Court on 28 April.








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